Rocket League Items has now added support for cross-platform parties

Rocket League Items has now added support for cross-platform parties

The Ferocity Crate has a number of things in common with Rocket League other crates. It can be obtained by jumping into and completing online matches, as well as engaging in trading with other players. If you plan on trading, however, it safe to expect high prices, especially closer to its launch.

Once you get your hands on one or more Ferocity Crates, you have to purchase or trade for Rocket League unlock keys in order to access the contents.As for the contents themselves, players can look forward to a total of 17 items which include both a new set of customization items, as well as the new Diestro Battle-Car.

Rocket League has made it possible to create a party of players on different platforms.After enabling cross-platform multiplayer on all platforms a little over a month ago, Rocket League Items has now added support for cross-platform parties.

With the release of patch 1.58, available now on all platforms, players are able to invite anyone on their friends list to parties and in-game clubs. All players now have a RocketID, which is platform-agnostic. The new friends list shows friends added on the same platform, as well as those attached to your RocketID.

There also a section for recent players where you can invite players you recently met to your party.The new update also brings a new lag compensation option, a curveball mutator, and ends season 9 with new rewards. Check the full thing on the official site.