Exciting stuff coming up for Rocket League Items fans then

Exciting stuff coming up for Rocket League Items fans then

As for the rest of the Rocket League roadmap, Competitive Season 8 kicks off this month alongside a brand new arena. In June there be a summer-themed in-game Event with unlockable cosmetics and new licensed DLC, while July marks Rocket League third birthday. This means a special event with lots of throwback content.

The larger summer update is then penciled in for July or August. It features the Rocket Pass as well as cross-platform friends and parties between all platforms, a rebalance of the leveling up process, bonus cosmetics for leveling up, and new XP mechanics to encourage repeat games and punish quitters.

just a quick look at a few of the major highlights that are coming up this summer,?says Psyonix. really excited about all of the planned updates and hope you enjoy everything we have in the development pipeline. Thanks for playing!?

Exciting stuff coming up for Rocket League Items fans then, and this particular success shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. If you yet to give it a shot, do yourself a favour and just pick it up. Truly one of the best games I ever played; I managed to rack up about 600 hours between PC and PS4 and it somehow never gets tiring. The insanely high skill ceiling goes a long way to www.lolga.com helping there. Rocket League is easy to learn but terribly hard to master.

The video game Rocket League has sold millions of copies based off such a simple, yet brilliant conceit: It soccer, but with cars. In a dome. Now, toymaker Hexbug is trying to capitalize on the proven popularity of occar,?with its Robotic Soccer Arena and Robotic Soccer cars. Basically, they miniature remote-controlled cars that can dribble, pass, and shoot marble-sized balls within an arena.