Need a Little Flirting Advice?

There’s nothing wrong with flirting whether you’re male or female so long as you do it right. It’s simply a manifestation of your sexuality to see if the opposite sex will be attracted to you by sending body language signals that you like them.

Remember that flirting should be done in the right way or else it may be construed as sexual harassment rather than sexual attraction. Also, flirting should be reciprocal so if the other does not reciprocate, there is simply no reciprocity.

Here are some useful flirting tips so you won’t get into trouble and to make sure you and your date are on the same plain:

1. Make sure – and we mean extra sure – that you are getting the right signals and you are reading the signals correctly. If you feel you’re not getting anything back, retreat!

2. Eye contact is the all important factor. Steal quiet looks at her and occasionally initiate longer eye contact. However, don’t stare or else she might construe this as something bad.

3. Touch her gently on the arm about 3 times over an extended conversation, timing the touches carefully to emphasize a point. You can also time it with your smile or laughter to make it look natural. When she reciprocates by touching you back, you’re on the right track.  

4. Look and sound confident. If you don’t your smiles and touches will seem like you’re groping and you will look like a lecher. Flirting needs confidence. Make the right moves that look confident like leaning forward while listening to her talk.

5. Be very friendly and approachable. Your upbeat character will be contagious to her and she will feel comfortable and at ease with you. Compliment her but, don’t overdo it. Do it genuinely and not just for the sake of doing it.

If you want to gain more confidence or simply want to meet more singles to find love, browse through our personals listing and try out your flirting skills based on tips, good luck!