Attention During The Use Of Water Well Drilling Tools

I hope you can learn from this and help the master save a fee.

   Everyone knows that the working environment of drill rods is relatively hard and harsh. Therefore, this kind of slender rod must be subjected to severe wear and corrosive media. However, it is hoped for each of our rock drill employees. To spend the least cost to obtain greater benefits, this is to reduce the loss of drilling tools, whether it is our future maintenance or in the process of use, we must pay attention to it, but today the editor of Water Well Drilling Tools will give Let’s talk about the precautions in the use of drilling tools. I hope you can learn from this and help the master save a fee.

  1. Before entering the pole, we have to find a suitable impact site according to different geological rocks and find a suitable place for drilling.

        2. When drilling holes, make the drill tool group concentric, so that the shank tail, drill rod, and drill bit should not be bent, so this is why we need to find a good place to drill.
        3. Avoid the phenomenon of emptying. If this happens, our operators must stop drilling immediately to avoid damage to the drilling tool.
        4. When the drill rod is drilled, we should apply lubricant to the threaded end and quick joint of the drill rod to prevent corrosion of the drill rod.
        The above four points are the precautions during the use of the drilling tools explained by the editor. I hope to help you. We should also pay attention to the above points when using them. This will not only extend the service life of the drilling tools, but also It can help the Rock Button Bits operator save a fee, so we must pay attention to maintenance on weekdays.