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If you think that simply having a husband or wife makes you happy, think again.

Sure, being married or partnered up can attract all sorts of great moments into our lives, but try to remember, the honeymoon period will come to an end, and once this occurs many people find their level of happiness is where it was before they were hitched.

Just because you're single doesn't have to signify a transition period between finding your next partner, being single is your chance to rebuild yourself to new levels that past relationships have prevented you from achieving.

The famous television show Sex and The City celebrates liberated women who showcase the highs and lows of single life. With the exception of spirited Samantha, the rest of the single gals were always on the look out for 'the one' and seemed to feel lost in the big city, or incomplete without a man.

As history goes, the traditions of singledom, as far as the genders go, are rather fascinating. It was quite acceptable for men to be free and single, but single women past the age of 30 were considered well past their used by dates.

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Males have forever had it much easier when it comes to being labeled as single. Society accepts a single man better than a single woman. Until recent generations, if a woman was not married by the age of around 30 (at the latest) her options were limited and she was severely limited by career choice which normally saw her living with her parents for financial support.

Today paints a very, very different picture though. Grand parents of today's young generation could never have imagined the freedom of their grandchildren when they were at a similar age - especially the women.

Analyzing over 900 couples in a recent study by a Californian University determined that the highs of marriage were short lived after the fantasy of the nuptials wore off. For over 90% of respondents in the research, old habits and routine soon played the major factors that guided the direction of relationships - new vows and commitments were more often that not short lived. The report also suggests serious flaws in previous research that maintains people in long term relationships are happier than those who are single.

Remember Agent 99 from the old classic long running TV show, Get Smart? actress Barbara Feldon who starred along side Agent 86 wrote a best seller called Living Alone and Loving It which is said to be one of the all time most inspirational guides for single women.

Feldon and her book featured in an editorial for The Seattle Time, added this to her interview "I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing than helping people feel whole regardless of whether they were living alone or not, and I've found that most single women appeared to be in a self transition period until Mr. Right came along but my message is helping single women around the world live as a complete person all by themselves, without needing a mate to feel happy."