Online Dating - Do You Know Who You're Talking To?

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We hear about how online dating is the new way of connecting singles in modern times, but what we don't hear enough about it how to avoid falling victim to criminal organizations that can easily have direct access into the lives of unsuspecting online daters.

Thinking about joining an online dating site to improve your love life? Well, before you start your new matchmaking endeavor, it pays big time to research the bad element of cyber love so you don't become the next victim of an online con artist.

During your search to find the right online dating site for you, you are certain to come across many free dating sites. These particular sites are often the target for online scammers because of the fact that they are free and easy to access. Certainly this is not to say don't consider joining such a site, but contact the site owner to check if they except members from non local IP addresses. If they do - choose another site. Such sites are easy for foreign scammers to join.

The most experienced scammers are clued up to such measures that have been taken to prevent them joining, and will employ other tactics to avade detection, so with most things in life, it pays to do your own due diligence before excepting advances from someone online you have just met.

Online scammers often set up fake profiles posing as beautiful women, but are commonly men of African origin working tirelessly to bring you down. If you are approached by a beautiful woman who immediately talks about love, marriage or sex in the first instance, you can assume it a safe bet that your personal security is under threat.

Someone who is very straight forward sexually or asks you to pay for their travel expenses to come and see you or has a sleazy profile username should also be avoided. The most astute online daters are those who think with their head and not their heart.

To establish trust when you start communicating with someone new online should be your first priority to say the least. How would you react if a complete stranger walked up to your front door and asked you for financial assistance? You would probably shut the door and call the police! - a similar request online should be treated with the same apprehension.

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