Introduction To Long-term Storage Of Corn Thresher

China Rice Planting Machine completes daily technical maintenance requirements.

China Rice Planting Machine completes daily technical maintenance requirements.

Every three months or after 500 hours of accumulated work, the gearbox and running gear should be cleaned and the oil should be replaced; check and adjust the control systems.

Every other year or after 1000 hours of work, in addition to completing the above maintenance requirements, all gears, bearings and clutch friction plates need to be checked, and new ones should be replaced if necessary.

Every two years or after 2000 hours of work, all parts must be disassembled and cleaned. The technical condition and wear of all parts must be checked. Repair or replace new parts if necessary. After the whole machine is installed, it must go through running-in and trial operation before it can be put into normal use.

Regular technical maintenance of the engine shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the engine instruction manual.

Corn Thresher long-term storage maintenance

Seal the engine according to the engine instruction manual.

Remove the oil and dirt from the gearbox and inject new oil.

Clean the surface of the whole machine.

Store the machine in a safe place with indoor ventilation, dryness and no corrosive gas.