Hit the Jackpot of Love in Illinois!

Illinois is a destination offering diversity, adventure, excitement and a wealth of activities and attractions to experience. Spend a few days in the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and explore the world of the American Indiana.

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Springfield is the capital of Illinois State and with over 200,000 residents living in its borders you are sure to find someone you can share experiences with. There’s plenty to do here, make a date with someone from the singles chat rooms and spend an enjoyable few hours, or a day trip, to visit some of the most stunning and beautiful sites the state has to offer.

If you aren’t keen on meeting up in a bar or busy restaurant, then Springfield has more than 100 annual events organized that provide plenty of opportunities for a date with a potential partner. If you enjoy being in the countryside then a day out at a horse show or fine arts fair might be fun, or book tickets for a musical stage production or an exciting motorcycle race or air show.

Springfield is exactly in the middle of the Illinois portion of Route 66 and has a number of internationally famous attractions, including Bill Shea's Gas Station Museum, the Cozy Drive Inn and Joe Rogers' Chili. A drive down Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis can be the ideal weekend getaway.

There are all kinds of ways these days to meet other single people, but it can take a little experimentation to find a method that fits in with your lifestyle and suits your personality. For some people the idea of speed dating appeals, very common in cities it can offer you a great way to see a number of people in a short time. If you live in a rural area then it might not be such a good option as you might find you end up meeting the same people over and over again! Speed dating is great for those who have a busy schedule at work and minimal time to be out socializing and thus find it difficult to meet other singles the traditional way.

If speed dating isn’t for you, then how about looking around for a social club? There are clubs now that are very well organized and aimed specifically at young professionals or at people with a particular interest in common, such as cookery or horse-riding. A social club can provide the perfect opportunity to meet others in the area with similar interests and are particularly useful for those who live in the countryside and are feeling isolated.

Many people feel as if they are being left behind, their friends are settling down and starting families and they are still alone. However as you start to infiltrate the world of ‘singledom’ you become aware of just how many other singles are actually out there, and they are all as keen as you are to meet people to socialize with and hopefully have some successful dates with. The number 1 reason that holds most people back to asking someone out on a date is time and a lack of confidence.

Online dating can remove all the pressure of the first initial contact. Not only ideal for those too busy to be out every night looking for a date, it is also great for anyone who isn’t comfortable about asking for a date and prefers to get to know someone first. The number of local dating sites online is increasing all the time, take your time browsing through some to get familiar with how they work.

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