Let's celebrate! Romantic anniversary ideas

It's Valentine's Day. It's his birthday. It's her birthday. It's your anniversary. Whatever the occasion, you want to make it special. Here are a few ideas on how to make a special day a romantic one to remember…

Tailor-make your date to suit your partner. Is there something you know he or she has always wanted to do but hasn't? It could be something as simple as going to an expensive restaurant or something as extravagant – and fun – as taking a ride in a hot air balloon.

Take an evening cruise. If you live near the ocean, a lake or river, chances are you can take a romantic dinner cruise to make the celebration a beautiful experience.

Have some fun! Revisit your teenage years and go to a drive-in. Bring plenty of popcorn and be prepared for long kissing sessions!

Keep it close to home – prepare you bathroom with scented candles, a bottle of champagne and soft, sexy music. Throw rose petals on your bed (which is covered with your best sheets) and see what happens!

Hire a string quartet and invite your love to a special destination and have the strings serenade them.

Get out and about in nature. There's nothing like the wonder of nature to help you connect even more deeply to your partner. America is full of secluded places of beauty. Try to find an out of the way spot, bring a bottle of red wine and a picnic basket and take it from there.

Look up! Oscar Wilde, the great Irish wit and writer once said "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Take your date out for a night of star-gazing.

If you live in a big smoky city, and the stars are hard to see, visit a planetarium.

If you're a super busy person who spends more time at the office than with your partner, take the day off! This in itself will be a gift to your partner on a romantic celebratory day that they will appreciate.

Relive your first date. Go back to the scene where you first met and reminisce. Did you first meet at a bar or some other place? Arrange to meet your partner their - just for fun - for old times sake. Perhaps you first met in one of the free dating site, arrange to meet in an online chat - for a laugh - reignite the chemistry.

If your romantic anniversary is a winter event, take your love ice skating. You can be sure to have some thrills and spills! To skate hand-in-hand on the ice is very American – and romantic – way to go.

Cook up something special. Do some research and check with your date's family what their favorite childhood meal was and recreate it.

Using some of the ideas above – or some of your very own – make the anniversary special occasion last all day and into the night. Dedicate yourself to your partner from sunrise to sunset and beyond.